Established in 1987 as an out growth of an engineering design firm.  Raymond Kinser, foresaw the need of designers and mappers for high quality software and services.  His vision is -- a company well known for the highest quality in everything it does.
California CAD Solutions, Inc. (CCS, Inc.) has been in the Automated Mapping, Facilities Management, and Geographic Information Systems (AM/FM/GIS) industry since 1987, specializing in doing what was said to be impossible. Integrating data from legacy systems, from various sources and formats, including a wide variety of databases so that existing data does not have to be recreated is our specialty.

CCS, Inc. has accumulated vast experience integrating a wide variety of external data. Besides generic Oracle, SQL, and DB2 databases, we have integrated sophisticated enterprise databases such as Tidemark, Permits Plus from (formerly Sierra Permits), HTE, Megabyte Assessor Information Systems, DIMS, AS400 Assessor databases, George Butler Assoc. (GBA), Sussex, Springbrook, and Hansen Systems.

Our firm harnesses this experience to bring to our clients applications in which they can boldly and aggressively face problems with the confidence that their application and data will be right the first time. Knowing that you can count on the data and application to be delivered on time without ongoing delays that derail projects and increase costs is what CCS, Inc. is all about. Our firm takes the time to understand your situation, develop a solid plan, and delivers on time and on budget. Our clients receive what they want, when they want it for less than otherwise possible.
CCS, Inc. is dedicated to the AM/FM/GIS industry with proven skills in the planning, implementation, application, and training of Geographic Information Technology.  We are considered a premiere GIS provider on the west coast with endorsements such as being a Registered Developer both Google and Oracle. Members of our staff have been certified ESRI instructors on various software titles for many years which allow them to know how to implement and integrate that software in to many different and diverse environments.  All of this provides a single place for all needs to be met.  Our highly qualified staff of professionals provides cost effective, "down-to-earth" planning, implementation, and training solutions, by utilizing the latest software, database, point-of-work, and map creation technologies. 

Our experience with GIS began with AutoCAD clients who wanted to transition their maps into a GIS technology.  Providing the right software applications, training, consulting, workflow and support services was the key to assisting them in that transition.  In addition to consulting and training, our AM/FM/GIS service work includes map creation, data maintenance, verification, and analytical studies.  Recent solutions have involved cities, counties, local agencies, military base redevelopment/closures, and utilities throughout California and the western United States.
Senior Staff
Raymond Kinser
Robert Spiva
Founder & President
Raymond is the Founder and President of CCS, Inc. and has almost thirty years of GIS experience.  In the years since CCS, Inc. was founded, Raymond has become widely recognized as an expert in his field.  He has substantial experience in computer modeling and GIS applications.  Raymond is responsible for product integration, selection, and project management.  As a project manager, Raymond excels in his ability to keep on top of the details while also maintaining focus on the big picture.
Robert is the Marketing Director and Chief Financial Officer for CCS, Inc.  With over thirty years of experience in the database and GIS industry, Robert specializes in finding solutions where others say none exist.  Robert is responsible, in part, for database design, consulting services, and project management.  He has extensive experience conducting needs analyses for a variety of clients including federal, state, and local government agencies. 

Richard’s history with the company started in 1997 with sales and consulting of Autodesk, ESRI, Space Imaging, ER Mapper and LizardTech solutions.  His attention to detail and his ability to connect with clients quickly had him coordinating product seminars, workshops and customized training.  He has worked with Major Accounts, PG&E, AT&T, City & Counties in Sacramento, San Francisco, Fresno, Stanislaus and San Mateo just to name a few.

Currently Richard is heading New Business Development with the California Special Districts focusing on Data and Mapping services, specialized by California CAD Solutions, Inc.
Richard Ortiz
Services Development /
Accounts Manager

Amanda has a wealth of experience having worked in sales, consulting, proposal & project implementation.  Her technical skills in database design and reporting system creation has led to client comments noting that her reports convey the maximum information in a concise and clutter free manner.   Her strong communication skills provide clarity of purpose from inception to completion of projects.  She has successfully implemented multiple web-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
Amanda Graf
Project Manager

Chris possesses a wealth of GIS and mapping experience over a variety of implementations.  He has been directly involved in consulting, data creation, database design, and technical support.  Chris’s ability to relate to people at their level, understanding their perspective and integrating it all into a solution is his forte’. 
Chris Heaton
Project Specialist