Data Checkup

When was the last time you had your data reviewed? Your data can be perfectly fine or there may be errors and faults causing erroneous answers. Having an experienced professional examine your data will give you confidence in the answers and analysis you are providing management. Our staff has decades of experience and knows all of the places errors, faults, and mistakes hide and can root them out quickly. We can perform logical and network analysis of pipe networks, checking the flow of gravity systems and general connectivity checks – all to make sure your data is of an acceptable standard or quality.

We check not just your mapping data, but your database information as well since it is just as important to a successful implementation as the graphics. Don’t settle for a sixty or seventy percent match rate between your mapping data and that contained in your database -- having the connectivity to all the available database information is what is needed. Finding and correcting the nuance differences in tabular data to increase the connectivity is crucial to making good decisions. Our team will scrub your data, making the changes, and most importantly let you know what those changes were so that future errors can be avoided.