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  1. Gets the new user up and running quickly by getting that first FME routine completed in no time at all. We will develop an introductory routine using your data and workflow to get you productive right away and put you on the right path for future enhancements and development. We will then explain the “ins and outs” of that routine along with the “whys” this particular approach was used. The FME Quick Start gives you more than just a working routine, it gives you the understanding and knowledge to go on and be successful writing your own routines.
    FME Quick Start
  1. In these days of reduced headcount and tight timelines, you just don’t have the time to figure it out yourself. Using a FME Certified Professional who has the experience to understand your goals and the talent to make it happen makes absolute sense. A Certified Professional can develop and deliver a finished product faster and more economically than trying to do it “on the side.” Our staff will talk with you to fully understand your needs and the environment in which you work, examine the data for an in-depth knowledge of its structure, and communicate with you throughout the entire process – all to make sure you truly get what you are seeking.
    Custom FME Workbench Development
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  1. You call, we answer. When you hit the wall, things aren’t working out, and Internet searches are not coming up with answers, it is time to call an experienced FME Certified Professional. Simply call and explain what you are trying to accomplish and we’ll help you solve the problem. We can do desktop sharing to see the problem in your environment or have you send your workbench routine and the pertinent data to us for a closer evaluation – all to solve your frustrations.
    FME Technical Support
    Single Issue $150 5-Pack of Issues $500