GPS Infrastructure Inventory

GPS inventories are the method of choice for municipalities that want to begin with an accurate, up-to-date utility inventory and condition assessment of their utility infrastructure. However, successful inventories involve more than reading a GPS manual, operating equipment, and "collecting points." Sound GPS methods well thought out processes and quality control (QC) procedures must be followed to ensure data integrity. GPS utility inventories should not only be designed to help meet the financial reporting requirements of GASB 34, but also to provide an accurate, complete, and solid foundation for additional applications such as creating a GIS.

We can help you capture your agency’s infrastructure data. Our Global Positioning System (GPS) personnel form the nucleus of a team, along with your PE or surveyor, that can map and inventory your infrastructure assets. Identifying infrastructure feature locations and their attributes help you more easily and efficiently manage the maintenance and future construction of your infrastructure systems. Our GPS teams have experience with the latest GPS and GIS technology. Maximizing the efficiency of our mobile GIS teams enables us to quickly work anywhere allowing us to drive down the cost of creating the data to save you money.