Mobile Applications
Get the advantage of having data where you work. We create solutions that work on the go. Either live connection or stored data, find your infrastructure assets where you are. Enter, edit, and otherwise work with your data in the field to avoid duplicate entry.
Work Order Maintenance Management
Track your maintenance operations and costs. We can create a Work Order Management system to suit your unique circumstances or tie your GIS into an existing one to provide information in a timely and efficient manner. Our firm has tied into all of the major work order maintenance management system -Hansen/Infor, Lucity, etc.
Sewer Video and Overflow Reporting
Having the video is not getting the full value of the imagery – linking that video onto your map to get the full context of the picture is. By clicking on a pipe in your GIS and having the video appear saves not only time, but ensures you are seeing the right video. With our systems you can click on pipe after pipe to see the video, the pipe reports, and even extract information out of the video database to put problems on the map.
Permit Tracking
Knowing the permit history for a particular property is critical to the completion of so many tasks like neighborhood enforcement, building inspection, planning, and more. Having that information in your GIS adds a wealth of information that is easily accessible. We have created systems that link into systems such as Accela, Black Bear and others WITHOUT needing to copy data. We create systems that read data live, keeping the information both current and in a place where business procedures make sense. Why take the system away from where it belongs just to make it available to the GIS? We create systems that leverage information where it currently resides thereby not increasing the total cost of ownership.
In-Browser Editing of Pipe Networks
Having the ability for field staff to edit pipe information is getting first-hand feedback. With field staff able to edit information on the pipes they themselves work on, this eliminates the delays, cost, and “telephone game” of having a technician do the data entry. Being browser-based removes the need for expensive GIS software and training increasing the cost-effectiveness of having a GIS.
Telephone Emergency Notification
Systems such as these quickly and efficiently call selected phone numbers notifying residents of emergencies. The historical problem has been notifying just the right residents instead of alarming people unaffected by the emergency. By tying the TENS to a browser-based GIS, a polygon can be drawn to accurately select the people to be notified. This speeds the time to first notification and does not waste precious time wasted on notifying unaffected residents.
Parcel History
Knowing the origins of a parcel and whether or not any splits or lot line adjustments have happened is vital to seeing the big picture when making decisions. Our firm has created systems within a GIS that allows users to click on a property and find out its complete history of parent parcels.
Flow Analysis
The question of “what is upstream of this manhole?” can be easily answered by the gravity system path tracing program we developed. Storm, Sewer, or any gravity flow network of conveyances can be put into the GIS friendly application. When linked to a web-based GIS, you can click on a pipe, select upstream or down, and then see the flows.
Record & Survey Map Access
Collecting relevant maps, deeds, and records of survey is a time consuming task, but one necessary to complete projects. Having all of them available at the click of a button speeds and eases that completion. We have created add-on applications for GIS implementations to access these documents by simply clicking on a parcel and selecting the type of document you wish to see.
Public Comment Portals
Ever have to sort through comments obtained from public meetings trying to classify them into different categories? This takes hours and the classification can become a legal issue unto its own. A public portal application allows the public to make comments, self classify them into categories that you establish, and even place a marker on a map to further indicate where their concerns lie. Our application saves time, money and helps to prevent legal hassles.