Web Based GIS

Access to spatial data as well as advanced mapping and spatial analysis tools over the Internet is becoming more common, ranging from Google Earth to sophisticated websites built around engines from the leading GIS software providers. In the past, an individual would have to buy expensive GIS desktop software, the same is not so today - the advent of web-based GIS has made GIS available and abundant to everyone. Because of these advancements, many people who were not able to easily get information they may want or need, can now have it at their fingertips. People who have an interest in gathering information can find it accessible like never before. For the first time, the public can examine the same information as the policy makers.

One of the problems faced by the GIS users is the increased complexity of the GIS software as it evolved over time. New versions became more and more complex with each release. Our well thought out web-based applications put the right & relevant tools into your hands without the clutter of tools you don’t use. The security of sensitive infrastructure data and other information is paramount to the continued operation of any agency. We build in permissions that are carefully set to allow only authorized users to access certain tools and functionality while other users never see a grayed-out button showing that access is denied. For a greater level of integration, user’s rights and privileges can be inherited from the user’s Windows™ login credentials.
Creation of map-based sites for public comment or interaction on the web can be an easy and cost-effective way to satisfy project compliance. The general public can become involved in the Public Comment portion of almost any government decision, easily and conveniently, without the cost of holding special meetings. The taking of notes and classifying of hand written letters can be eliminated by using a map portal. Concerned citizens can click on the map and either obtain information or indicate the location of their concerns. Once the spot on the map is clicked they can write their concerns and submit them for inclusion in the decision-making process. Save time and costs by having a map portal for public comments and information dissemination.

Our firm creates access points to cost-effectively retrieve data from data silos. Whether your data is antiquated, at a remote location, or just in the next room, we can seam it together into a systematic, structured information environment. Integration doesn’t end with databases; it includes mapping, GIS, and GPS data as well as imagery, panoramas and video – all accessible through the same portal. This
brings together all available information so that the best decisions can be made quickly and easily.

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