Workflow and Processes

Streamline and modernize processes and procedures

Workflow Automation is an area of process improvement in which agencies can benefit from higher efficiency, better time management, and a higher level of organization. This automation reduces errors and removes the tedium of repetitive tasks. Our solutions create an environment where processes can be completed in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods.

No workflow system can operate as an island. Interoperability with an agency's information and communication systems is critical so that information flows between departments as well as from the data creator to the data consumer. Our design and development experience within a web-based architecture supports functional expandability, rapid development & deployment, and enterprise-wide accessibility at a lower total cost of ownership. Recognizing that no single technology is best-suited for every need, our applications are compatible across the leading mapping & GIS technologies available today, including standard and emerging technologies such as Lidar and non-traditional spatial databases.

Our firm harnesses this experience to bring our clients applications in which they can boldly and aggressively face problems with the confidence that their application and data will be right the first time. Knowing that you can count on the data and application to be delivered on time without ongoing delays which can derail projects gives peace of mind when undertaking such tasks. Preventing these increased costs is what CCS, Inc. is all about! Our firm takes the time to understand your situation, develop a solid plan, and deliver on time and on budget. Our clients receive what they want, when they want it for less than otherwise possible.
CCS, Inc. has accumulated vast experience integrating a wide variety of external data. In addition to generic Oracle, SQL, and DB2 databases, we have integrated sophisticated enterprise systems such as: Tidemark, Permits Plus from (formerly Sierra Permits), HTE, Megabyte Assessor Information Systems, DIMS, AS400 Assessor databases, SWITRS, George Butler Assoc. (GBA), Sussex, Lucity and Hansen Systems.